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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Category 6 Cabling, Cat 6a Cabling, Data Cabling

Category 6 Cable or Cat6 is a cable standard for gigabit ethernet. As network administrators are pushing their networks to higher levels of performance, Cat6 is a desirable alternative to Cat5e with speeds 10x as fast. Cat 6 Cable Cat 6 is a communications cable with four twisted copper pairs. While also

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Category 5 Cabling, Cat 5e Cabling, Network Cabling

For several years Cat5e has been the standard for data networks. With transport speeds up to 100 Mbits/s, Cat5e cabling provides outstanding service and an affordable option for most data network infrastructures. Cat5e Cable Cat5e replaced Cat5 as a standard in 2001. The most common applications are 100BASE-T or "common" data networks

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