Category 6 Cable or Cat6 is a cable standard for gigabit ethernet. As network administrators are pushing their networks to higher levels of performance, Cat6 is a desirable alternative to Cat5e with speeds 10x as fast.

cat6 wiring cable

Cat 6 Cable

Cat 6 is a communications cable with four twisted copper pairs. While also having the same distance limitation of 90m for horizontal runs as previous copper standards, Cat6 Cable meets even more stringent specifications for both crosstalk and system noise.

cat6 Connector

Cat6 Connectors

As with Cat5e cables, Cat6 also uses an RJ45 connector for termination. Although a slightly thicker cable, Cat6 has also been engineered to be backwards compatible with both the Cat3 and Cat5e standards. Cat6 supports all 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, and 1000BASE-T netword standards, and is ideal for high traffic shared networks utilizing VOIP.