Fiber offers the top speeds and reliability that sophisticated networks require. Use fiber for high speed applications, connecting networks, MDF’s to IDF’s, building to building, or for cable runs over the 300ft. distance limitation of standard copper cables like Cat5e or Cat6.

fiber optic cable

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Whether you plan on installing a single fiber run or entire fiber backbone gigabit network, Just Cabling experts can help. We’ll help you design your entire network, determine if multimode or single mode – or a combination of both is right for you, and then we will provide our professional implementation services. If you need fiber optic cable repair, troubleshooting, testing, or fiber certification, contact us today.

Fiber Optic cable Connector

Fiber Optic Connections

Like many cable types, fiber offers a wide array of connector types. Each one typically will have a specific application that it works best with, so choosing the right connectors is key. Whether you are currently using SC, ST, FC, MT, MU, Toslink or some of the other lesser used fiber connector types, Just Cabling provides complete troubleshooting and repair services