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The importance of quality cabling

Proper network cabling done to industry standards can save organizations literally thousands of dollars in costs a year. When network administrators spend precious time sifting through poorly done cabling, or your outsourced IT partner is on the clock tracking down problems, how much does that cost you? Do you really want them to be searching for a cable like a needle in a haystack?

Where do the cost savings come from?

Whenever your office has a network issue, the necessity of being able to quickly locate the problem cannot be overstated. Your network is down, and so is your company. You lose production by the minute. Having a clean, well organized, well labeled network with properly designed throughput can make the difference between minutes and hours to identify, locate, and solve network issues. Your current network administrator may not always be your network administrator. Time is money, and nothing is more essential than your company’s data infrastructure. Have your network infrastructure designed to meet industry’s standards so that any future data partner you work with will be easily able to assess your network.

Pictures of cabling done wrong!

Pictures of cabling done right!