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In Las Colinas, Just Cabling is a leading provider of structured cabling solutions tailored for businesses, from budding ventures to expansive data centers. Our expertise in network cabling, telecommunications cabling, and fiber optic installation ensures your business’s network systems are robust and efficient. With a focus on structured cabling standards, our team offers services ranging from backbone cabling to horizontal cabling and even specialized tasks like fiber optic and telecommunications enclosure setups.

From the initial patch panel configurations to the intricate connections involving patch cords and equipment racks, we ensure every component is seamlessly integrated. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing network or establish a new telecommunications system, our commitment is to deliver unparalleled cabling services in the DFW metroplex.

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Las Colinas Solutions

Just Cabling is a premier provider of comprehensive, structured cabling solutions in Las Colinas, Texas. Our expertise spans from foundational phone systems and data network cabling to advanced fiber optic installations and server room configurations. Whether you’re seeking backbone cabling for a robust data center, horizontal cabling for an existing network, or specialized telecommunications cabling within an enclosure, we ensure seamless connections. Our adherence to structured cabling standards guarantees top-tier services, from patch panels to equipment racks. Dive into our diverse cabling services detailed below:

  • Cat3 Cabling: Often used for voice cabling, Cat3 is a legacy solution primarily for telephone system cabling and low-speed data transmissions.

  • Cat5e Cabling: Cat5e cabling supports higher data speeds and is commonly employed for data cabling in modern office networks.

  • Cat6 Cabling: With enhanced performance, Cat6 cabling is ideal for data network cabling, ensuring faster and more reliable connections.

  • Cat7 Cabling: Cat7 cabling offers even higher data rates and bandwidth, making it suitable for advanced data and video cabling needs.

  • Fiber Optic Cabling: Offering lightning-fast speeds, fiber optic cabling is essential for long-distance data transmissions and high-demand network systems.

  • Coax Cabling: Traditionally used for video cabling, coax is a staple for television and certain internet connections.

  • Wireless Infrastructure Cabling: This cabling lays the foundation for wireless networks, ensuring devices connect seamlessly without physical cables.

  • Server Room Cabling: Essential for data centers, server room cabling ensures efficient data flow and server connectivity.

  • Cable Testing: A crucial service to verify the quality and functionality of voice, data, and video cabling installation.

  • Telephone System Cabling: This cabling ensures clear voice transmissions and is dedicated to establishing robust phone systems.

  • Voice Cabling: Specifically designed for voice transmissions, this cabling supports clear communication across devices.

  • Data Cabling: A backbone for modern businesses, data cabling ensures reliable and fast data transmissions between devices.

  • Video Cabling: Tailored for visual transmissions, video cabling supports everything from conference calls to multimedia displays.

  • Surveillance Camera Cabling: Ensuring security, this cabling provides reliable connections for surveillance cameras to monitor premises.

  • Data Network Cabling: The foundation of any business network, this cabling ensures seamless data flow across various network components.


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