Phone System Cabling

The lifeline to your business.

Answering the Call

Today’s phone systems have the power to consolidate multiple communication streams and jumpstart productivity with features like: voicemails automatically transcribed to email, call routing and tracking, auto-attendant, reporting, remote access, and more. The stakes are high when it comes to getting your business’ phone system right, but the rewards are even higher.

You may be thinking, anyone can connect a phone cable from point A to point B, right? Well, not exactly. Phone system installations can vary quite a bit from network cabling and come with their own set of considerations and configurations. To experience uninterrupted service and quality assurance, enlist the experts. When it comes to cabling, we’ve seen it all, done it all, and will do it all—for you.

Just Cabling understands phone systems as our parent company, National Telesystems, designs and installs Premise Digital and VoIP IP PBX Hosted phone systems. If you need a cabling provider who really understands your business technology needs, Just Cabling is the clear choice.

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A Clear Choice

We believe that a well-designed network is what enables your business to communicate, innovate, and grow. With 35 years of cabling experience and a nation-wide network of certified technicians at-the-ready, Just Cabling is the only partner you’ll ever need. We’ll get and keep your business connected to what matters.


Find the right cabling solution that fits your current and future needs.


We’re committed to being the best cabling partner in the industry, for you.


Experience white-glove cabling service at its finest.

Simple in approach

We provide a simple solution to a critical business need. Consistent connectivity is table-stakes in today’s world, and a reliable phone system will both streamline your network and simplify your life.


By focusing our business around one core competency, we can confidently say that our knowledge and network is unrivaled. So whether you’re opening a new office, ripping and replacing an existing phone system, managing an upgrade, or navigating a repair, Just Cabling is the only call you’ll need to make.


Our business model is centered around service which means we are 100% committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience that meets or exceeds your expectations.


Our cabling solutions are fully standards compliant. Our open-architecture solutions are designed to support virtually any phone system and are designed with your specific business needs in mind.

  • WAN/LAN Cabling
  • CAT-5e
  • CAT-6
  • Fibre Optic
  • Modular Connectors
  • Patch Panels
  • Network Switches
  • Data Centers
  • IP PBX Communications Systems
  • Server Equipment Rooms
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Telecommunications Rooms

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